About Me - Kevin Clem

Kevin Clem

Father of two, husband of one, and man of many interests. He rolls 20 sided dice, practices his photography skills on metal bands, dances in lines with large belt buckles, harnesses the power of satellites to locate tiny ammo cans hidden in public places, knows who shot first, gets lots of mileage out of his kitchen-aid, regularly turns his compost pile, searches for branches to add to his family tree, collects glass medicine bottles from the past two centuries, pretends to be an English peasant, has a i7 processor to ensure critical damage, knows the distinction between a scrub jay and blue jay, roots for Black and Orange, and passes on his love of all of these things to his children.

My first camera was shaped like castle grayskull, I bought it with gift money when I was in first grade. I took a ton of photos with that thing hauling it on vacations, road trips and family get together.  

At some point it was upgraded to an inexpensive 35mm camera, and then a Cannon SLR around 7th grade. I never stopped shooting. When that Cannon died I moved onto digital - opting for a point and shoot at first before finally back onto a Dslr a few years ago. My love for taking pictures exploded at this point. Now that I could experiment! 

In the last few years photography has moved from a thing I do, to THE thing I do. I have been granted media credentials to photograph concerts, Makerfaires, beer festivals and other events; and have enjoyed ever part of it!