pioneer cabin tree - Kevin Clem

Generational Photo Project - Pioneer Cabin Tree

A Giving Tree

The Pioneer Cabin Tree - also called the Tunnel Tree of Calaveras Big Trees - was a Giant Sequoia located the Calaveras Big Trees State Park in Northern California. For generations it has been the living representative of its park and its species, and one of the best known trees in the world.

Sadly, the tree fell on January 8th, 2017 in the strongest storm to hit the area in a decade. The tree shattered as it fell, destroying every trace of its iconic tunnel. Generations of families have had pictures taken in this now-gone icon, with only the fallen giant and a sign marking its location to remind us of what once was.

The trail is still closed (as of April 2017), and on the sign marking the closure was a request for pictures. I thought it would be nice to collect photos - going back as far as we can - from Mission Families and field trips so that we can present them to the Park Service as a great goodbye for the beloved tree.

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